Since February, a Greek student named Ilias Kiritsis and I have corresponded, talking on various topics related to terrorism. Ilias has provided some surprising accounts of common views in Greece.

Here is our conversation concerning the event known as Bloody Sunday(note: the conversation does diverge back to the USA topic because this is only an excerpt from a more broad conversation):

Mike: yea, how is the IRA covered in Greece?

Ilias: well simple

Ilias: its terrorism

Ilias: theres no diverging opinions

Ilias: perhaps because ireland doesnt give the impression of trying to boss everyone around

Ilias: wink wink nudge nudge n all that

Mike: so there’s not a significant amount of sympathy for the IRA cause?

Ilias: well its the thought that basically “America got what it deserved”

Ilias: hmmm

Ilias: well sympathy for the cause yeah

Ilias: tbh Britain is a bit like “America Jr” if it makes any sense

Ilias: in the eyes of the greeks

Ilias: not me, just saying the common conscensus

Mike: yes it does, the British public were angry with Tony Blair for his following Bush so closely quite soon into the whole situation

Ilias: theres sympathy for the cause i guess,but everyone condemns it

Ilias: see for Europeans,its a bit too close to home i reckon

Ilias: anyhow for media,its different how they treat stuff inside Europe and stuff outside Europe

Mike: understandable, so the IRA are condemned but the plight of the Catholics in Ireland is acknowledged then?

Ilias: not about catholics

Ilias: the way its perceived

Ilias: its all about Irish independence

Ilias: not so much a religious war

Ilias: which i guess it is

Ilias: basically they see it as ireland wanting its autonomy

Mike: interesting, and what did you mean by different how they treat stuff inside and outside Europe?

Ilias: well terrorist attacks that take place IN europe

Ilias: and terrorist attacks that take place outside Europe

Ilias: natural ofcourse

Ilias: btw i dont know about the rest of Europe

Ilias: but due to i guess pseudo-communistic roots in Greece

Ilias: theres huuuuuuge sympathy for Palestinians

Ilias: basically people here see Israel-Britain-America as the axis of evil

Mike: no no, that’s fine

Mike: wow, I see

Ilias: America being led by a jewish lobby

Ilias: hell i dont think anti-semitism ever left the table

Ilias: well they re not racist by any means i guess

Ilias: but they believe jews are responsible for everything and that they re controlling the world and pulling the strings behind america

Ilias: childish notions,everyone goes searching for conspiracies

Ilias: although i think they ve become decinsitized to suicide bombings in Israel

Ilias: perhaps because we hear of them every 2nd day

Mike: I think that is the case here too

Mike: (even though we are generally apathetic to global events)

Ilias: remember the difference between Freedom Fighter and Terrorist is a very very blurry thin line

Ilias: i think theres a hatred of Israel that makes people look the other way when bombings happen in israel