As part of my first correpsondence with Eva, I asked her what she thought of my examination of radio’s involvement with the Septemeber 11th attacks.  Her response didn’t surprise me.

She really hadn’t given any thought to the radio coverage.  To be fair, most of her coverage came from television and the internet, like most of the world.  Thus, she can’t really speak to my topic directly.  However, she could certainly see how radio would have its advantages in that situation, mainly due to its ease of establishment and broadcast.  She did point out however that while radio was first on the scene, it may not have the impact of being there first like television or radio.  Unfortunately, her perception of Americans is that they will turn to television or the internet in the event of a disaster like Septmeber 11th.  Thus, event though the information is coming from radio, it is not where people are hearing it.  This is part of why she wants to be in television.  It’s not simply a matter of not liking the medium, but the reach of that medium.