My pen pal, Nathan, is a software developer that lives and works in Australia.  He is a rather upbeat and energetic person who loves computers and software development and continuously works with Americans on projects over seas.  We shared information on how we obtain our news about the world and terrorism and, for the most part, we had similar sources:  mostly online resources like the new york times online, aljazeera and the BBC or some social network services like Twitter or personal blogs.  Neither of us own a television or have newspaper / magazine subscriptions and I know I really don’t pick one up unless I have nothing better to do while eating. I am also a software developer and find the coincidence not too surprising because of our familiarity with computers and the Internet in general.

I asked Nathan what his perspectives on terrorism and news coverage was as an Australian were but I got a surprising food for thought in return.  He said that he considers himself “more of a citizen of the world.”  I thought this idea was brilliant and really shows how the Internet and its vast information and rapid updating can make people lose their national identity and become not just an “Australian”, and “American” or an “Iraqi” but rather pay respect and honor all cultures in the world.  I think this is one of the ways of thinking that can best combat terrorism in our world but what is the best way to tackle it?  Bring the Internet to everyone?  Is it really the Internet that has created this kind of thinking or is it just the environment Nathan grew up in?  Maybe it is just the way he was born?  What can we do, any day, to help bring this kind of worldly view to people here and abroad?