Over the last few weeks, I have been corresponding with a Greek journalism student named Eva Manakaidu.  This correspondence has given me great insight into just how differently terrorism is viewed in countries that are not the US.  As I was talking with her about her thoughts on the September 11th attacks, she brought up an interesting point.

While what happened was terrible, acts of terrorism go on each day.  In fact, for many the only real significance of the attacks were that they happened on US soil, a feat many thought to be impossible.  However, each country has it’s own terrorist attack that occupies it’s time.  As has previously been mentioned, the Greeks are especially  tied to the attacks of November 17th.  In fact, she believes that terrorism is mostly a ploy to attack politicians as opposed to civilians.  This is an interesting perception since many  people in the US, myself included, tend ot focus more on the effect on civilians (i.e. how many died), as opposed to what it means for the various politicians in power.  In the event of something like November 17th, it’s easy to see what politicians were the target, but that may not always be the case.  This has given me a new perspective on terrorist attacks going forward and also gives a dose of humility.  My country’s attack isn’t necessarily what hits home the most in terms of terrorism.