An introduction:

Ilias has provided has provided several eye-opening insights in particular about Greece’s views on terrorism and the USA that at times proved rather shocking. So far, he has been very helpful in providing these insights for our class and has been a pleasant correspondent. He has provided his own self-introduction:

“I am a 23 year old communications major with specialization into journalism,
and film & television. I live in Greece but as yourself I was born in Prague. I am half Czech-half Greek on my father’s side, also done
extensive traveling during my time including Japan, most of Southern Asia, Africa and all of Europe and Australia. I love music to a larger
extent than one considers rational and I am an avid movie goer. Know that I consider myself an analyst above all else and thus unfortunately
I cannot give you the “man on the street” opinion on the incident but rather a mix of default and personal opinions, whereas it is true
that anti-Americanism is raging in Europe and especially in Greece, I always kept sort of a level head on that, possibly because
if anything I admire the American constitution and the thinking behind it and although i do not embrace either Democracy nor Capitalism
as social and economic systems respectively I see them as viable choices and I can see why they are being used.”