Eva Manakaidu is a Greek journalist and college student at the American University in Greece.  As part of branching out and learning how other countries view terrorism, I began correspondence with her to get her thoughts on various events in the world.

Eva is in her Junior year, and she is already working for the local news, specifically the newspaper, though she eventually wants to work in television.  Thus, her direct contact with journalism has given her a first-hand view of how terrorism is covered in her country, from local events like the November 17th attacks to events in the US and the Middle East.  She continually brings up new things that I had never even thought of and forced me to take a look at just how unbiased I am when looking at US news coverage of terrorism.  Her perspective will prove very important as I continue to examine media coverage of terrorism as she will constantly have me looking at an issue from another perspective and the implications thereof.