BBC News released an article on Tuesday, March 2nd, entitled, “Muslim Scholar Condemns Terrorism.” The article begins, “An influential Muslim scholar is to issue in London a global ruling against terrorism and suicide bombing.” Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri is attempting to effectively “dismantle Al-Qaeda’s violent ideology.”

The article can be located here:

After you review the article, I would like to offer up some “food for thought.” The document ul-Qadri has assembled is approximately 600 pages long. In what way will a document of this length be an effective form of “dismantling Al-Qaeda’s violent ideology.” Populist demands, such as this one, have been utilized before; much to no avail. Could the breadth as well as the depth of this document be a step in the right direction? Or are we relying too much on the political process to correct centuries of violence and conflicting ideologies?