After reading the compelling story of Greg Mortenson’s journey to create schools in Pakistan and surrounding areas in order to improve the lives of young children, who Mortenson did not even know, it offered a bit of hope in eventual peace between the West, specifically the United States, and the Middle East. I felt it was a great example of how true peace cannot arise simply by declarations of governments, but must be organic and come from the interaction of actual people. One idea that I came up with that I hope would accomplish a similar goal to the CAI’s is establishing online learning centers for children in Mexico and  Southern American regions. Although many complain about the flow of immigration into the United States and often use fear mongering and other tactics to paint those coming for better lives as evil, they usually do not offer solutions or help to improve the lives of those searching for ones. The Mexican government is very corrupt in how it deals with its citizens, not too unlike the Pakistani government described in Three Cups of Tea. I think if a group such as the CAI were to be established to do similar work south of the border it would not only help the individual countries, but establish healthy trade partners for America. By making the learning centers more online oriented, they will be easier to establish and maintain and what is being taught can be more uniform throughout the system.