After reading the book “Three Cups of Tea”, I began to consider ways in which I could help change the world attitude concerning terrorism and help affect change that can benefit future generations. In trying to picture myself becoming like a Greg Mortenson however, I looked past my own attitudes and mindset. 

Probably one of the main things I have realized through taking the Terrorism and the Press course has been that I really am not as informed and aware as I should be. I feel like my generation knows terrorism only through the September 11th attacks and the years immediately following. Our knowledge is limited to Al-Qaeda and suicide bombers. Before coming into this class, I knew very little of the history of terrorism as we know it… and that history is one that spans hundreds of years. 

The importance of learning the history behind these conflicts is one that I now consider absolutely vital if we ever hope to change the attitude of cultures around the globe. During Alex’s presentation on the Balkans and terrorism, I realized that I had hardly ever heard of the things going on in Bosnia and Serbia, and that what I did know was only limited to the U.S. involvement. That illustrates the deficiency that I have, and one that I’m sure is commonplace among a large majority of people my age. We know of terrorism only through how it affects Americans. But a true understanding of its causes and effects must transcend cultural boundaries.

I know that I need to take the initiative to educate myself in the subject of global terrorism. Not just terrorism that affects America, but global terrorism. I need to understand why certain terrorism takes place and for what aim the terrorists carry out their attacks. If I can become more understanding as to why it happens, I can become more proactive in attempting to confront the problem. 

If I take these steps in my life, then it will be one small step in changing the view of terrorism. And if I can encourage people to take the same steps, before too long maybe we can see some real significant changes the world. But before we can change others, we must learn to change ourselves.