My definition of terrorism is based on my own family’s history, my exposure to contemporary terrorism, and the media’s portrayal of terrorism.  Terrorism is the use violence, expression, and intention thereof to sow fear against those mistakenly perceived as enemies and as a brutal form of political expression usually under an organizational affiliation.  Violence as a standard part of terrorism is noticed especially by journalists to extend their political expression.  I include expression as a part of terrorism such as hate speech, religious, and racial slander because of the fear induced in the target populace, incitement to violence, and worst of all, spread the message that hate speech is acceptable.  In my own family history, no one were killed by the Russian pogroms, but it was the fear and the rumors that drove them to emigrate.  I say that terrorists are mistaken in perceiving their targets an enemies for good reason; for in many cases they have struck out against those that would give them normalcy.  As psychologist Professor Lifton, a studier of the psychology of political violence, once inside an organization whose intension is kill, ordinary people can justify commit demonic acts under the umbrella of moral support the organization provides.  Organizations create an atmosphere in which a terrorist can absolve themselves of doubt which is why individual, independent terrorists are rare.  Terrorists only have as much power as local support and fear will allow; once stripped of these protections their built up moral facade crumbles.