Three Cups of Tea is an inspiring book of the passion to change the world with education. It is a powerful truth that as an ordinary person, it is possible to create an impact globally in a positive way by persistence and enduring zeal.

The book touches my heart personally in many ways. However, what leaves me the most thought is the image of the bridge that Morrison was forced to build before building the first school in Afghanistan. The 283 foot Braldu Bridge was completed in 1995 and consequently, Korphe School was completed in 1996.

The bridge was a powerful image of connecting the two geographical regions across the river. The bridge was essential to create exchanges and interactions of a two-way contact between both regions on the other side of the bridge. To me, the education passion of Mortenson to defeat terrorism is a one-way bridge that is used by people in Afghanistan. It is used to achieve global peace and defeat ignorance that leads to hatred. A big part of the terrorism acts involved different views on regions and political power. I believe that in order to change the world, it has to come from both sides’ understanding and fitting into each other’s foreign culture. It is crucial for American to understand and be willing to connect with Afghanistan by walking on that same bridge of education.

In the most recent analysis by the Gallup polling company report, the result shows that American prejudice against Muslims has increased and that Islam is the most negatively viewed religion. Given the fact that most American does not have a clear or no understanding of Islam, 43% have prejudice toward Muslims. The report also said that American media usually cite Muslims as the most frequently cited religious group in a negative context.

In conclusion, it is important to build a two-way relationship between the American and the opposite side of the terrorism war in order for it to end. This should start with each individual of us understanding that not all Islam/Muslim followers are terrorists.

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