During my introduction of Idyli to the blog, I mentioned that her father is a war correspondent for Greece’s largest national newspaper. One of the terrorist organizations that Idyli’s father covers is called 17 Noembri. According to Idyli,

“17 Noembri is one of the most terrible organizations in Greece. They have killed many people and mostly those in power. The organization was active from 1975 to 2002; after that they were finally arrested. However a lot of people believe that not all of them were caught and we should have to worry about the people left. The organization was named after the 17th of november 1973, which is the day that Greek university students started the revolution against fascism. They seriously disliked Americans and the first person they killed was Richard Wells, CIA. some other names you might be familiar with are: Steven Saunders (British defence attaché), Ronald O. Stewart (American soldier) and many many others Greeks and foreign. They released statements and usually my father was the recipient in order to publish them. They defined themselves as Marxists and Anti-imperialists (there you have the motivation).”

We continued to discuss the impacts of domestic versus international terrorism. We agreed that in the United States, the majority of the population associates “terrorism” with foreign countries. I was greatly intrigued by Idyli’s familial involvement with terrorism and the press and I cannot wait to hear more about Greece’s domestic terrorist networks.