There are a couple things I want to mention about the first half of the movie.

Some of you might have noticed Spieldberg deliberately pointing out Ehud Barak in the Lebanon raid scene – he was the leader of the raid as well – Benjamin Netanyahu’s older brother was also a commando during the operation under Barak.  Ehud Barak did actually participate and is an Israeli politician, currently the leader of one Israel’s major parties Labor.   (look for the Alignment pre-1991).  Barak was the prime minister at the 2000 Camp David negotiations that ended unexpectedly in failure.  Not surprisingly there are a number of politicians on both sides that started out as soldiers and terrorists. The late Menachim Begin and the late Yasser Arafat is a prime example of that.  The current prime minister, Bejamin Netanyahu, is the younger brother of the lead commando in the Entebbe hostage rescue the only Israeli commando killed – though three hostages were lost as well –  the international coverage is what spawned Netanyahu’s political carreer.  Benjamin’s brother also took part of the Lebanon raid as well.  The political debates between Netanyahu and Barak are as a result especially personal – both are part of the current coalition government led by Netanyahu.  Barak is the current defense minister.

Like most Mossad operations, the origins of how they found their targets is unknown, Spieldberg created Louis the character as a deus ex machina to get around the problem.   Of course, the character “Avner” had no involvement in the raid in the Lebanese raid in actuality.  The whole “source figure out we’re Mossad” scene was completely made up for the added drama.

It is actually likely that the assassination squads  watched the release of the three remaining gunmen from Germany in Europe as portrayed.  Abdul Zwaiter was killed October 16 and the hostage taking was on October 29.  Of course, whether they actually watched the coverage is pure speculation, but quite possible.   In contrast to the film where the shots are unexpected, he was actually shot 11 times deliberately, one for each Munich hostage killed.

The death of the Israeli athletes is nearly factually correct.  The special effects of being wounded and killed, gruesome as they are, are reproductions based on the autopsies done afterwords.   Their wounds and what they would have looked like are very close to completely accurate portrayals.