Terrorism. In short, there is no definition. To say that there is a definition of terrorism would be to say that there is agreement on what “Terrorism” is. And from everything I’ve read, learned, and discussed this semester, that kind of conclusion just can’t be reached. That is because terrorism is an ever-evolving organism. I could add a reference page and quote authors, historians, and professors all with insights over what aspects make up terrorism, but to do that would be putting it in their

words and not mine. For me, terrorism changes in every story I read. Goals change; in one case the goals may be political, in another, the goals may be territorial, or monetary, or religious. The regions change; the Middle East, the United States, Ireland, England, Spain. Everything about the word changes daily. Terrorism got summed up pretty well in class when it was said that “we deal with a living, breathing topic.” Because of this, we may never know a rigid definition of terrorism, and perhaps what we think we know may change as the topic continues to evolve.