“Three Cups of Tea” effectively displayed a Westerners effort toward combating terrorism through education. In my opinion, this seems to be an effective way of reaching out to new generations. I believe that increased levels of education, both personally and globally would develop a better overall understanding of people of the world.

            Education initially begins with one’s self, through personal knowledge about people’s differences around the world. Understanding the mindset of the terrorists and their actions, would help combat the desire to solve these issues. This was shown in “Three Cups of Tea” when the main character was described as using the westerners’ methodology, which was ineffective in Pakistan. By educating himself of the local culture, his success was obtained. In this course, Terrorism and the Press, this approach is also taken through the education of attempting to interpret and understand the mind and motives of terrorists, in order to combat the concept and potentially have our own “Three Cups of Tea” at ASU.

            In terms of the development of the schools, the curriculum should not consist solely of the teachings of one faith, ideology, or culture. Multiple ideas should be presented to the younger generations in an effort to seed the concept of tolerance and worldwide understanding. The concept of global focus would lessen the biases and prejudices that arise from schools that have curriculum based on one particular point of view that is embedded in these children at such a young age. This will also broaden students’ knowledge of the world, and increase tolerance in a preventative way.

            It is important to recognize that the lack of education is not the sole reason behind acts of terrorism and violence. However, if the concept of “the world is everybody’s playground” was enforced in school systems worldwide, it may increase the level of understanding amongst communities and in turn prevent the amount of violence that exists. Roaming in a world of diversity with both eyes shut, we see nothing but what one side of the story. I believe in the concept of educating ourselves of our surroundings and varying beliefs, the world needs to wake up and smell the tea.