When I asked Nataliya about her experience and memories of 9/11 this is what she responded with.  I found it very interesting that she started her email with, “thanks God Iraq is far away, so I’m not so mad about terrorism :)”

After being in this class for 3 months I feel like this is a common misconception…terrorism is everywhere.

Nataliya: Memories of 9/11 are quite odd I would say. I remember how I was watching morning news and saw these buildings falling down. I was completely shocked because I still couldn’t believe that that was not a Hollywood screenplay but reality. In school (Turkmenistan, 9th grade) we even had a minute of grief in the memory of died people. I’m really sorry for all the people who died in that awful accident.

But then the case started to move into political action. And I also saw some films, I mean “9/11” and also “Zeitgeist” – where it was told that war in Iraq actually was the final destnation for this terrorism and that everything was planned by US government and Bush himself. That was of course a shocking information. But follwing the analysis of the films toward 9/11 it became very logic. I don’t know if you have seen anything I was telling above but I can specify i