My pen pal, Andrew A., is a journalism and communication student at the American College of Greece in Greece. I asked him about the most effective way to reduce global terrorism, and this was his response.

“I guess that a great part of it depends on the education received at school, and specifically the quality of education, that refrains from sterile- stereotypical axioms-doctrines about how the west world should be viewed by Islam, and how Islam should prevail over other cultures. Most Islamic countries have fall behind the modernization process, in terms of sociology, and maybe the obscurantism that shadows these societies keeps them back from exploring different ways of perceiving the global reality, without a predisposed eye.”

I think he makes a valid point about Islamic culture that can be applied to a lot of 3rd world countries where terrorism is present. Because these countries aren’t very modernized compared to a country like the U.S. or Britain, they aren’t exposed to as many world views. We can google search for the newspapers of other countries and read about their cultures, while students in places like Iraq and Afghanistan cannot. So all they see is one side. And that side is often filled with a hatred for the West.