When talking with my New Zealand penpal Yan, I realized that the United States isn’t the only country that seems a world apart.

Being in New Zealand must be an interesting experience.  Yan explains how when news breaks in other countries, it does not always get through to those in her country.  Most of the time, events in Europe or the United States will either not get much coverage or won’t get covered at all.  Thus, an isolated terrorist action in a country far away probably won’t see the news in New Zealand unless there is a direct effect on the country or it is a major event that effects large portions of the world.

I believe that the United States suffers from this as well.  Being thousands of miles away from Europe, and further from Asia, prevents many of the activities of the rest of the world without coverage.  The sense of isolationism that has existed in this country throughout its history seems to be alive and well.  These events are simply too far away; how could they possibly effect us?  If there were to be a terrorist attack in Europe or Asia, it would probably be a small footnote in a newscast.  Thus, we become ill-informed, but the question remains, does that matter?