When talking with my Greek penpal, something very interesting came up in terms of the way that Americans view terrorism.

As she pointed out, most of the terrorism coverage that exists in the United States focuses on things that are directly related to the United States. While US media may be willing to run out and cover a subway bomb in London, they are less inclined to cover something like the 17 November attacks in Greece.  This is because of the very close political and exconomic ties between England and the US, and the lack thereof between Greece and the US.

Her main point is that while the American people may well have become more interested in terrorism, they only care insofar as it affects them.  If it happens in a remote, relatively poor place and doesn’t have ties to Al-Queda or the Taliban, it may as well not have happened according to US news.  Without these factors, the American people don’t care.  she asserts that perhaps Americans haven’t become more aware of the world around them as they might want to think.