The other day I had a chance to talk with my friend Frido over email in regards to terrorism in the Netherlands. It was interesting to get his perspective on the subject. Here is what he said:

“Concerning terrorism, as far as I know there are no extreme terrorists groups in the Netherlands. However there are parties within in the government that take a radical political position against Muslims and the Koran. The leader of this party is Geert Wilders. [Geert Wilders] thinks that all Muslims are terrorists and that the Koran is the main cause of global terror. I totally disagree with this! I think everybody has the right to believe or follow a certain religion in his or her country. That is what makes democracy so beautiful!

In terms of headlines, only Geert Wilders is quoted in the local news papers with his radical statements. So I think it is only a question of time before someone will attack Geert Wilders. The problem is that if he is attacked or even killed by a Muslim, then everybody will support his cause on the war against the Muslims and the Koran.”

It was interesting to hear his opinion. There are a lot of commonalities between the U.S. and the Netherlands on the subject. It will be interesting to hear how other “incidents” in history have been viewed and are interpreted by the Netherland people.