After reading the book “Three Cups of Tea” I asked my partner Andrew, who is a Greek college student in the field of Journalism, about the effectiveness of education as a way to combat terrorism. His response really gave credibility to the idea of education as a preventative measure.

“I definitely believe that this is the first step, culture awareness, and that could be achieved through education and the process of modernization. Being acquainted with different cultures gives you no reason to fear of them; on the contrary, being taught by a perpetuated negative stereotype formed by others is maybe the first step towards fear and then all else comes. On the other hand, I am not so much for intervention politics and altering the educational system of a different society or the very bases on which it stands, in this case Islam; such interventionism will harm its very originality and uniqueness. It is like a scale with two extremes, the way I see it. On one hand you have to intervene at some degree, so as to avoid the obscurantism that transforms to fear; on the other hand you must not intervene to the extent that these people lose what makes them unique and so become another globalized culture.”

What he does believe, however, is that you should not totally change the culture of a region. He believes there is a delicate balance between helping to educate, and being oppressive.