This is my first terrorism-related correspondence with Ilias Kiritsis from Grece:

First, what are you thoughts on the American perspective of 9/11 being the advent of the Age of Terrorism? Do you consider this to be an accurate assessment considering other acts such as the Holocaust?

Holocaust i think was not an act of terrorism,it was an act of aggression during a time of War, had it been done in a period other then WW2
that idea might have some merit but personally i find as a totally different issue. Although the reasoning behind it and the logic of a man that does
such things is invariably the same, one who does that in time of war could very well resort to Terrorism in times of Peace. But you have to recall
here, for Hitler the Holocaust was a way to “Cure” Europe of the great plague that were Jews. (Hitler’s Opinions,not my own,do not flame me)
It was as it is known, The Final Solution. Whereas Terrorism and 9/11 meant to demoralize America and send a message. Both are means to
an end however the first one being Genocide due to perceived racial superiority and the second one being Demoralization due to perceived
ethical superiority. Well i hope thats right,thats the way i see it anyhow. Furthermore you forget or are unaware of this simple fact, Terrorism
has been RAGING in Europe and Asia even before 9/11. Its just that America is a bastion,that never really was attacked at any point
in time, EVER not counting the Pearl Harbor incident. Americans although having fought in wars never experienced it,never saw the demoralizing
effect that destruction of a city could cause. in Europe you had the IRA in Ireland, who inflicted MASS CASUALTIES, in Spain, you
had the Basques and their liberation movement, hell in Greece you got currently 3-4 Terrorist groups going on which have been at it for at
least two decades. Don’t forget also Palestine and Israel them being almost daily targets of suicide bombers.

How do you recall this event?

Hmm, i think in a sense that was the day the Earth stood still,was in high-school back then, i recall coming back from school, seeing a glimpse
of what happened not really understanding it, casually changing the channel then seeing it again, ya know if ya keep changing channels
and you see the same thing,it kinda hits you, “YES THIS IS IMPORTANT”  in a way :P. Second day after the attack i had thought
it was all a plot by the Americans that instigated the attack themselves on the towers so that they have a right to meddle in other people’s business.
Admittedly my opinions have changed right now and cant say i am one of the many, most people view it as “Finally America got a taste of its own
medicine”. Such views are to be expected when you re the leading country of the modern world i guess. You have to know although a
socialist-Democratic country on paper the views of most Greeks are very communistic in nature, perhaps due to the part that
communism played in Greece, especially during the civil war, anyhow its becoming sort of a trend, omg you hate America, you are cool.
A country where Che-Guevara is a god amongst men and America is full of rich cunning people who have created grander than life schemes
in order to control the world and its economy, and the only thing holding them back is the might of Greece, bullshit but i guess every
nationalistic view is the same. (I MAY be exaggerating a bit take it with a dose of salt)
How do you recall the event’s portrayal in media from your country or from some other country you may have read / watched?

Although the portrayal as i recall was quite neutral and even portrayed a sense of tragedy at times, i do recall the general flair of it to be,although
never mentioned, along the lines of “How the mighty have fallen”. Again i was little at that point and thats how i recall it.

What impact do you think 9/11 had on American media? On your own country’s media (or some other non-USA / UK media you might have used)?

Well i think the media in the US went into full blown Nixon-era militarization after that.  You ain’t able to say anything, else you might be
a terrorist-lover or a betrayer. You boycott everyone who disagrees with you and you consider  your government to be godly and the
only sound decision to be made is by them. I see US news after 9/11 in a sense to be fully state-controlled. Cmon i mean for god’s sake
you turned french fries into “Liberty Fries”. Thats just taking it a notch above the edge, then jumping off said ledge for full effect.
I think they were trying to either control mass hysteria or produce it, to this day i am not sure which would be the case.
Make no mistake however i think that whatever the reasons and logic behind the attack and who allowed it to happen, it was
used to 1000%. It was milked dry.
What medium of news coverage most poignantly covered the event? Most accurately?

Well TV obviously, i mean for days you ‘d see nothing but 9/11. Newspapers can print 4 pages on the issue,radio can play it once every hour,
but with TV,you get a constant barrage of visual images every second of the day 24/7. It sells better that way.However i always myself was a
newspaper person,if ya wanna have time to analyze and steal the truth from the journalist’s words, imho newspapers are the way to go.