Through email correspondence, Idyli and I have furthered our discussion of terrorism and its global impact. When I asked Idyli to visit our blog for a better understanding of what our class was actually doing, she was thrilled. Although unfamiliar with Greg Mortenson’s book, I informed her of the general plot overview as well as some of the novel’s overarching themes. In an excerpt from an email between Idyli and myself, she wrote

“I think your right, we need to think about the way that we think about terrorism. Not being educated keeps us in the dark. A lot of the time we feel like we need to close ourselves off to new experiences, people, places, etc. I have not read about Greg Mortenson, but he sounds like an incredible person. I am not sure whether or not it is possible to achieve what he has done, but we can try. However, we can’t think that just because we can educate ourselves we can truly understand another person’s point of view. We have to keep ourselves open to things.”

Indeed, Idyli is correct, we have to keep ourselves open to new opportunities. Only through understanding alternate viewpoints will we be able to effectively re-educate ourselves. This was Mortenson’s mission. To think we know exactly what individuals want is just as dangerous to assume that we don’t know what they want. The process of educating one another, ourselves, our community, has to be an organic experience. It has to unfold itself.