This is the conversation Ilias Kiritsis and I had concerning the bombing of the Munich Olympics in 1972

Mike: do you have any general impressions on the Munich Olympics incident?

Ilias: truth be told i ve never seen the movie

Mike: that’s fine, obviously we’re too young to have seen the media coverage

Mike: but have you had any exposure in a history class at all?

Ilias: dude theres a movie that came out like 3-4 years ago

Ilias: none whatsoever

Ilias: apologies,just didnt come up

Mike: no problem at all

Ilias: our history sucks,all i learn i learn by myself

Ilias: btw i should mention Greece has some rather active terrorists

Ilias: and even more active the last year

Ilias: some cops were killed

Ilias: people doing Drive-bys at police departments

Ilias: its mostly rage against the system

Ilias: and they mostly target police

Mike: (sounds like the Yakuza in Japan)

Ilias: but i guess its still terrorism

Mike: agreed

Ilias: well its ideological

Ilias: not centered around profit

Ilias: i GUESS

Mike: so what about that, is there any media sympathy for that

Ilias: one of the names of the main group is like “Rebel Core” or such

Ilias: no,not really

Mike: or is it uniform condemnation of all events terrorist-related in nature

Ilias: you have to understand though

Ilias: greeks and this might sound weird

Ilias: got a weirdly roooted

Ilias: hate of the system

Ilias: and the police

Ilias: for some strange reason

Ilias: i mean theres whole mottos etc

Ilias: “Cops,pigs,murderers,you sell the white powder”

Ilias: or something to that extent

Ilias: well culturally speaking on a broader sociological level Greece is a weird little country

Mike: odd, I would think then, that media would support the anti-police groups then, do you feel that the government is moderating the media?

Ilias: well DUH

Ilias: but ya know

Mike: hehe

Ilias: its someone’s cousin

Ilias: or daughter

Ilias: or son

Ilias: that gets hurt ya know

Mike: true

Ilias: its strange

Mike: no changing that

Ilias: if theres no victims

Ilias: the stance is neutral

Ilias: if theres victims

Ilias: they try to show the pain of those suffering

Ilias: dont take Greek media as regular media

Mike: interesting

Ilias: they ‘ll sell their own mother

Ilias: for popularity

Ilias: whatever sells man

Ilias: if it takes a victim’s mother crying over the dead remains of her son

Ilias: they ll’ film it,tape it,and steal the movie rights

Mike: haha, I see

Ilias: Opportunism is the name of the game in Greece

Ilias: pretty selfish as it goes

Ilias: dunno if he we can talk about inherent social selfishness

Mike: so I take it you would agree that the media has a bias based on the popular view of what will sell?

Mike: (of course, I wouldn’t claim that that doesn’t occurr here)

Ilias: hell yes

Mike: do you tend to seek out foreign media for alternate stances then?

Mike: like BBC?

Ilias: personally yes

Ilias: but greeks like their theater

Mike: haha

Mike: well put

Ilias: everything here is overdramatized

Ilias: we re talking about one very weird culture i dont particularly care for and have no idea why it behaves as it behaves

Ilias: best not build a thesis around something like that 😛