My pen pal is from Krygystan and is currently going to the University there.  I felt that what she said in response to the attacks at the capital were really insightful and showed how so many people don’t want to believe that this type of violence happens in their country and is happening every where in the world. (I did not fix her grammar, I felt it made it more real and raw this way.)

“I think about KG news now cuz they happen just next to me ;D I was a witness of panic in the square and that really made me think about the WWII when ppl had bombing threats and everyone was crazily rushing anywhere. I saw blood puddles (only on TV) and I saw ppl been killed in real time. I thank God that I didn’t see it with my eyes cuz I’m very impressionable and still can’t imagine that everything like this could happen. I can see everyday a White House of KG burnt badly reminding me about all these ppl been killed there.

I don’t know what kind of experience it is for me – bad or good for the future… But I understood that sometimes freedom becomes your everything and you are ready to sacrifice your life for that.
I remember the scenes of how ordinary ppl came up for simple talks with police men and they weren’t afraid of bullets coming toward them… they just couldn’t believe that police could shoot them.
Two days ago I saw a procession of old people (possibly the participants of WWII that are left) going to the square with flowers to pay tribute to all 81 ppl who dead.
I’m very sad that this heroic moment was spoiled with looping. Most of the citizens don’t believe that it was organized by those ppl who fought in the square, but still… it was done.