Is education the ‘solution’ to terrorism? We never reached an agreement but we both agreed that the solution to terrorism lies in influence. 

“I don’t think terrorism can be “solved”, mainly because the idea of terror was fabricated, to divide the world into imaginary boundaries, like the good versus the bad and so on, but that fact is that, all it boils down to is a difference of opinions and interests. From what i know, “terrorism”, the organised act of creating terror among a population have been around for a long time. It’s just that with the occurrence recent events, especially the 9/11, politicians have created this terminology to justify certain policies, like increased military spending, increased surveillance and so on.

Yet education does play a big part in this, and i believe the environment in which a child is part of, and the knowledge which is passed on to him is a big influence on the child’s perceptions of violence, especially against civilians. I think if there’s going to be a solution, it has to be through the minds of people, and building schools are surely a good way to start.

i think its really difficult to talk about terrorism as a whole single phenomenon, they exist as widely varied entities at different parts of the world, and they may have different motivations. Again, much of the notion that terrorism is a worldwide entity that threatens the world are very much played up by the U.S. media, and perhaps other media across the world.”