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Markela’s reaction to my “Three Cups of Tea” post

Markela has not read “Three Cups of Tea” but agrees with the message the story promotes. She said the following regarding my reaction: Read more

Brigate Rosse

Jasper lived in Italy for a few years and took a history class where they taught him about Brigate Rosse (The Red Brigades). He said this was the first time he had studied a terrorist group in an academic setting and was still very interested in the topic (Jasper seems more interested in European terrorist groups than Islamic terrorist groups). I asked him to tell me what he had learned about the group and what he thought of their activity since I had never heard of them before.

Read more

PenPal Conversation Two

In my last conversation with Idyli, we were discussing the impact of the fascist movement and its influence over 17 Noembri. I asked Idyli, “On November 17th, 1973 how did Greek university students start the revolt against fascism? Was it a large scale revolt?”

Idyli responded by stating, “The revolt against fascism was a huge event and we still honour it. The fascist period in Greece was terrible. People were starving and had no freedom or rights of any kind. At one point, the university students locked themselves in the university and openly took a position against all the terrible things happening. And that is how the revolution started and finally ended in the fall of fascism.”

It was interesting to hear Idyli’s depiction of domestic terrorism. We agreed that people are too quick to forget that “terrorist” acts are generally tied to religious, social, or political motivations. 17 Noembri sought to influence the current political climate through the use of fascism at any costs. The irony here is that these individuals claimed that they were furthering Greece’s prosperity at the expense of the citizens they claimed they were protecting. I informed Idyli that in the United States, organizations such as 17 Noembri are practically unheard of. The United States is too concerned with its own interests and its geographical isolation doesn’t help.

Conversation with Markela

My Greek Pen Pal Markela has been invaluable in terms of enlightening me to different perspectives and new information. Since she studies history and communication, discussions with her are interesting and well grounded. Going backwards a little bit in our course, I would like to talk about the insights she provided me with regarding Northern Ireland conflict. Read more

My Penpal’s Opinion of ‘Three Cups of Tea’

Is education the ‘solution’ to terrorism? We never reached an agreement but we both agreed that the solution to terrorism lies in influence. Read more

Conversation with Penpal about the Part Religion plays in Terrorism

My penpal, Chinwei Wong, and I talked about the impact religion plays in terrorism especially in the Protestant/Catholic tension in Ireland and the Islam/Judaism tensiont in the Israel/Palestine conflict. Below are excerpts from our conversation about religion which carried on over numerous e-mails. Read more

Considering Fatah’s move towards non-violence

I recently sent my pen pal, Aladin, this link and asked him what he thought about Fatah’s recent move towards resisting Israel in the West Bank through non-violent measures.  First, here is his response:

“Hey Cameron thank you for sharing this topic with me, and to begin I want to talk a little bit about the motive of all the creatures existing on the planet, which is surviving. Read more

Jasper on my third cup of tea

After sharing my third cup of tea posting ( with my Dutch pen pal Jasper, he told me that he liked my idea but wasn’t as optimistic as me that it could be accomplished in the near future. Read more

Pen Pal Reaction to my Cup of Tea Post

This is the response of my pen pal, Aladin, to my post on the book, Three Cups of Tea which can be found here:

“Speaking about relationship between Arab muslims and Americans, talking about Americans mean chirstians and jewish and sometimes American Muslims which is am going to talk about later.

Too much simple to notice but too much hard to analyze, Through US government with its administrations during current years and its strategies and politics before the war against terrorism has a bad picture in front of the Arabo Muslim side supporting israelians and threating communism in the far east. Read more

9/11 memories from my pen pal

When I asked Nataliya about her experience and memories of 9/11 this is what she responded with.  I found it very interesting that she started her email with, “thanks God Iraq is far away, so I’m not so mad about terrorism :)”

After being in this class for 3 months I feel like this is a common misconception…terrorism is everywhere.

Nataliya: Memories of 9/11 are quite odd I would say. I remember how I was watching morning news and saw these buildings falling down. I was completely shocked because I still couldn’t believe that that was not a Hollywood screenplay but reality.  Read more
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Terrorism and the Press

This blog is an integral part of a special section of Honors 394 Spring 2010, Arizona State University. Rather than a routine history course this dynamic, interactive seminar explores the interplay between terrorism and television, and other media sources on-line and in print. 26 students and their global pen pals comprise the bloggers. We welcome all to share their opinions, pertinent observations, insights, comments, feedback. Please post in a responsible manner.