I asked Jasper what he thought about the Moscow bombings that killed 38 people in late March and how the Dutch Media was portraying the bombing. He said that it was definitely a big story that got a lot of media coverage for the following days.

I asked him if it followed the same pattern as the American news networks where we seemed to need a new angle every day. Day one was the bombing, day two they learned the bombers were women, etc till eventually the story faded. Jasper said that they released information as it became available but not as though they needed to keep new information coming to prevent the story from getting boring. Just that it was developments that should be reported on.
He also said the Dutch media did not seem as fascinated by the fact that the bombers were women as I had made the American media sound. He said that there had been female suicide bombers in the past so it isn’t like it’s a new thing.

Jasper also added that he does not think this is going to help the North Caucasus get the independence they want from Russia. Only that it will increase the amount of violence and Russian presence in their area. This sounded a lot like the effect that the 9/11 attacks had on Afghanistan and Iraq so maybe Jasper thinks history will repeat itself.