This is the response of my pen pal, Aladin, to my post on the book, Three Cups of Tea which can be found here:

“Speaking about relationship between Arab muslims and Americans, talking about Americans mean chirstians and jewish and sometimes American Muslims which is am going to talk about later.

Too much simple to notice but too much hard to analyze, Through US government with its administrations during current years and its strategies and politics before the war against terrorism has a bad picture in front of the Arabo Muslim side supporting israelians and threating communism in the far east.

Supporting Saddam Hussein in the Golf war 1st then fighting him, supporting Taliban agaisnt soviets then fighting them this vibrating strategies did shake really America’s Image.

Years later youth were thinking about bridging gaps between both of sides in order to decrease the stress a lot of initiatives were launched but the same problems faced ignorance and racism of people how could u giveyour hands to Americans and how do you give your hands to an Ignorant savage Arab.

Talking about my field where i do live not talking about Tunisia because it is the land of diversity and people in Tunisia are concentrating more on developing their country more than talking about Muslims and Americans Historical fight.

Here in the Arabo Muslim world talking about Ignorants and Racists they are saying that Muslims living in America they are not real Muslims and we should fight them and fight their twisted Islam principles.

Even more we have these fight nowadays between Arab Atheists and Arab muslim and more and more pictures of racism and ignorance.

Lately we had a wokshop about making world global religion which is based on the religion of safe and security because earth and its population were suffering from religious wars Human casualties and humilation, to be honest i liked the idea but most likely the idea of peace and safety as a culture, which is main pillars of my religion which am too much proud for being a muslim.

A muslim who respects other religions, respect god creatures nature environment and people from other civilizations, just politics and worshippers procedures are making as a part and enlarging more tha Gap between us.

We want to change this, How to ? i dont know, but what i know from my little knowledge if you can not beat them join them!

Joining them means that you try to understand why they still stand for their ignorance and racism then bit by bit convience them.

We are talking nowadays about youth leadership which is a responsability we are represneting youth not for long time let’s make it like cleaning station young should learn then he become adult an adult who is aware of change.

A long process yes but at least worthy to try.”