I decided to continue my conversation with Idyli further. Previously we had been discussing the role of facism in Greece’s socio-political climate. According to Idyli, “facist revolts were huge events.” Groups such as 17 Noembri utilized facism as a mechanism to mobilize the population in support of their cause. Idyli stated that “people were starving and had no freedom or rights of anykind.”

I asked Idyli to elaborate further on other domestic terrorist groups that might have been influenced by 17 Noembri or the facist movement. Idyli replied back and informed me about a group known as the “Conspiracy of the Nuclei of Fire.” Idyli stated, “[The Conspiracy of the Nuclei of Fire] actually have no motivation. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about it, but I can tell you for sure that they are just a bunch of teenagers that think that they are anarchists.”

According to Idyli, these individuals are considered to be “terrorists” by the local police. It was interesting for me to see how violent organizations, which have no apparent motivations, can be labeled as extremist groups. Prior to my correspondence with Idyli, I had no knowledge of any of these groups. My penpal experience has, needless to say, been quite informative.