The Hurt Locker was an excellent film about a small explosive
ordinance disposal unit and the reactions to the constant stress of battle.  I asked my pen pal what he though about the film and which soldier in the unit he would probably identify with the most.  This is his response:

Hi Alex,
Wow, what a movie.  I personally loved and hated it.  it isn’t exactly a pick-me-up film but I think that it helps civilians get a better understanding of the hard decisions soldiers have to make every day, even if each aspect of military life isn’t portrayed accurately.  My favorite part was the sniper battle because I think it was one of the better portrayals of the intensity, patience and self control that would be required.  On the other hand, the thing that pulled my heartstrings the most was the scene with the father strapped to a bomb vest and caged in.  From all aspects, that scene really made me think about what it means to have friends, what kind of people exist in the world good and bad, and what kind of terrible mind-bending decisions needed for soldiers to stay alive and save lives.  As for what soldier I would identify with the most?  Probably a little of two of them.   Of all of them I think I would react to battle similar to Specialist Eldridge with maybe a little less indecision at first, but who knows I am probably just hoping I would be less indecisive than I am in ordinary life.  I feel like  I would probably have the sort of breakdown that Sanborn had near the end of the film as well because like him I have no children and would want someone to love, take care of and pass on part of who I am.  Glad to hear you watched the movie as well.  Gotta run.