In talking with my penpal from  New Zealand, Yan, she talkaed about how terrorism has begun to take root in several of pieces of American mass media, specifically movies.  Her argument focused on one of the highest grossing films of all time, Warner Brothers’ The Dark Knight.

The film is the second in Warner’s reimaging of the Batman series for movies.  In it, the villian, the Joker, begins to tear Gotham cities underground crime world apart and re-establishing it as a contant struggle among its members to reassert itself in the city.  The Joker relies on the use of fear and the curruption of seeminly innocent symbols, like a clown.  The process through which the Joker asserts himself is textbook terrorist.

As Yan clearly points out, this is something that could be directly related to American sensibilities at the time of the scripts writing.  While there are certainly parallels between terrorists and comic book villians, they are not usually as pronounced as they are in The Dark Knight.  This could be representative of the way that the shock of the terrorist attacks of September 11th have begun to infiltrate every part of the American lifestyle.

It should also be pointed out that this could be a sign of some victory for the terrorists.  They have ingrained themselves so much that even a movie that isn’t about the War on Terror or terrorism directly still has elements of terrorism in it.