On the topic of the war against terrorism that the U.S. is the pioneer, I interviewed my pen pal Nhung Nguyen to gain an understanding of her perspective on this war. The conversation is as follow:

Me:  Can you discuss your opinion on the Iraq war?

“I don’t think the US followed the rite path in the Iraq war. Like many people said, the Iraq war is so much like the Vietnam War. The US is stuck in another swamp. They haven’t destroyed terrorism but they did destroy the whole country and have shaken the whole region. As I watch on TV, there has no peaceful days in Iraq since the war started. The number of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians died in the war is increasing. Moreover, to the Iraqi and Muslim people, America brings no good to them.”

Me: Do you think the war against terrorism will never be won? Why or why not?

“It’s hard to say because of the definition of terrorism is so different. To the U.S., it may be terrorism but to people in the Middle East, they might follow and fight for their belief. It is the conflicting of interests and the two sides are both “stubborn”. They don’t want to sit down and dialog. War only leads to war.”

I’m not sure if my pen pal’s view point is just that of a minority or of many others outsiders looking at the war against terrorism in the U.S. However, as insider, sometimes we need to go far beyond what the media portray to see the full picture.