This is my Pen Pal Andrew (who is a Greek college student), talking of his experience with 9/11. He talks of what he remembers from the event, and then addresses media coverage of the attacks.

I can recall three pictures from the t.v. coverage, 1) the scene when the airplane crashes on one of the twin towers 2) the scene when the second airplane crashed and 3) another picture with the pentagon. I also remember that at the time of coverage the events were still in progress and that me and the rest of people watching were feeling that history with a capital H was taking place that moment.

2)I believe that the attacks were covered extensively. Also this was a news topic for a long time that period. T.V. was showing the classic pictures of the twin towers and the moments of public releases at the white house. What I remember clearly and impressed me at that time though, was president Bush who spoke on the tv and he seemed to be using the language that brings a nation together, the kind of language you’d use in the face of a great threat. That day, I remember, it was the first time I saw people feeling really scared about what happened and the consequences. That was also the case in the news, people were showing their anxiety about this new terrorist front opening up in the world. Maybe it was the realization that for the first time Islamic Fundamentalism had made its presence so greatly felt, to a shocking extent where you could not really distinguish between real and unreal. Such scenes of destruction were common, up to then, in fiction-films of Hollywood; Especially the usual Hollywood theme, of a great threat posed to the American Dream and how finally America made its way through and overcame its problems. But this time we were watching that thing on the news, it was not a fiction film and we had to believe it. It was really impressive and at the same time shocking and tragic, from what I recall this was the case in the media and how they covered the attacks. (Also, I was not reading print news at that time)

3) Now, whether or not it brought changes in the media I am not so capable of answering because you see at the time I was 11 years old. What I can tell you though with certainty is that from that day on the news acquired an appetite for terrorism news. Also, from that day on news about terrorism were not of great great value, after such an attack. Another thing I’ve noticed is that news after 9/11 tend to be more emphatic on issues that pertain to the global sphere of common concerns. Like the climate change etc. But what I can’t tell you with certainty but it is still worth to be told, I think that from 9/11 and on t.v. has adopted a language that shapes and projects news according to their “danger” level. News that contain danger for the public are told with a great emphasis and sometimes they are stressed beyond the line of exaggeration.