Margret stands in front of Strokkur (Icelandic for "churn"), one of Iceland's most famous geysirs

Although late, we always save the best for last, right? While my pen pal has been engaged in the blog for the majority of the semester, I felt it was proper to finally give her a formal introduction.

My pen pal’s name is Margret and she is a 21 year old student from Uni. Iceland. When she was younger, her and her mom lived in Chandler, AZ, where I met her on the first day of 4th grade as the person sitting in the desk next to me. We became great friends, only for her and her mom to move back to Iceland at the end of that year.

Since then, Margret has lived in Iceland, attended university there, and is currently studying at Rutgers University in New Jersey where she is majoring in Genetics.

I don’t know how to speak Icelandic, but if I did, I would be able to read her Facebook status right now, which probably says “I wish this pen pal guy would leave me alone.”