US reactions to events try to be unbiased and focus only on the facts, but the question remains, is it successful?

When correpsonding with my Greek penpal Eva, she brought up an interesting point about how the US covers terrorist events.  Mainly, that Al-Queda and the Taliban are automatically evil.  While it is true that these groups are certainly not found of Americans, the fact that they legitamately try to help the people in Afghanistan and Iraq gets lost on many.  While it is true that this is often just a tactic, perhaps the US should seriously consider why people support the Taliban.  Life isn’t exactly easy, and the fact that Americans believe that the Afghans and Iraqis should just support them because they say they are fighting for something greater.  Perhaps if the US began a more grassroots effort, they might find some greater support. 

This is not to be an indictment of American efforts, far from it.  Instead, perhaps there are ways to improve the way that the US forces interact with civilians.