Terrorism is a great rallying call, I believe.  It’s what I consider a “go word”.  If something is terrorism, then everyone is obligated to do something about it.  Similar to ‘genocide’ another “go word” – if genocide is happening, then people have to do something.

Apparently, though, this is not the case.  My Pen Pal Jaisis lives in Poland, and Poland supports the US in its “War on Terror.”  A while back, Rumsfeld was thanking Poland for its help in the wars and counterterrorism efforts. Yet, according to Jaisis, the Polish government doesn’t really care about terrorism.  Poland hasn’t exactly been the target of Islamic extremists.

So why are they fighting?  Jaisis told me that the Polish government is very interested in relations with the US, partly because the Poles want the US to raise the (rather selective) visa restrictions that Poles traveling to the US endure.  This is what the politicians speak about to the people, though she notes that she is not very in tune with politics at the moment.

Looking around online, I found that in the same article where Rumsfeld thanks Poland for its contributions, the Polish minister of defense thanks the US for it’s help in modernizing the Polish military.

Maybe countries support the “war on terror” not because it is righteous, but because cozying up to the US is a good thing to do.  I wonder what would have happened if it some country that was not the world’s main superpower had suffered 9/11.  How much of the support is because the USA is so prominent?