After talking about some of the movies we watched in class, I asked my penpal what he thought was a good way to combat terrorism. His response:i don’t really think that there is an effective way to combat terrorism.  because of the myriad of ways to send information across the globe and the great disparities that continue to separate and disenfranchise individuals, there will continue to be pushes and clashes to put different ideologies forward.  as long as there is discontentment, there will be reason from one side of the fence (any fence really) to engage in actions deemed terrorism by those on the other side.  there is no way to stop human nature and the quest for power, influence, and wealth.

it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time.  at this stage of the game, the world is defining terrorism and its goal of eradication to those acts of terrorism that originate from individuals from the middle east, namely radical Islamists.  one of the main [stated] reasons that radical Muslims are attacking the west is because of the message that is being sent to the world from those countries.  they see the western nations as infidels because of the messages about promiscuity, indulgence, greed, etc… that are being broadcast over the air and tv waves as well as the internet.
in days of yore, when large empires ruled the globe and communication occurred only through word of mouth or the rare letter, it was easy to control the flow of knowledge across borders and thus control/rulership of the masses was much easier.  those days are gone…and with them have gone the days of having the ability to truly control the public face of an open nation such as the US.  because of this i think that it’s impossible to conceive of ridding the world of terrorism.