Ilias and I discussed Eco-terrorism and he has a very strong stance on it but not an extremist one. I have removed occurrences of profanity; Ilias and I have become somewhat comfortable and he expresses things with a certain intensity at times.

Mike: what are your thoughts on eco-terrorism; that is environmental groups that resort to illegal activities like arson to discourage use of animal testing? The movie Avatar has been accused of promoting eco-terrorism and the director took this as a complement saying he supports eco-terrorism. Thoughts?

[00:27] Ilias: well
[00:27] Ilias: personal thoughts?
[00:27] Ilias: i might be a bit biased
[00:27] Ilias: i hate any sort of cruelty to animals more than i hate cruelty to people
[00:28] Ilias: so i am not against eco-terrorism,but only in cases where what they re defending is extreme EXTREME animal abuse
[00:28] Ilias: does that make any sense?
[00:28] Mike: yea for sure
[00:28] Mike: obviously blatant cruelty is wrong but where do you draw the lines I guess
[00:29] Ilias: hmmm Draw the line?
[00:29] Ilias: at eco-terrorism?
[00:29] Mike: yea at eco terrorism
[00:29] Ilias: if someone kills people for putting make-up on dogs
[00:29] Ilias: dunno about animal testing etc, havent looked into it
[00:29] Ilias: partially cause i wont be able to live in god’s green earth if i do
[00:30] Ilias: but if someone went and killed one of those *censored* that skins animals while they re alive
[00:30] Ilias: and leaves them to die skinless
[00:30] Ilias: i ‘d actually treat him to a beer
[00:30] Ilias: to say the least
[00:30] Ilias: but i guess i am much more concerned with animal rights violations
[00:30] Ilias: than plantlife violations
[00:31] Ilias: by destroying the environment humanity basically is destroying itself,the eco-system cant die,only change
[00:31] Ilias: so i dont have many qualms about that
[00:31] Ilias: although i dont like it
[00:31] Mike: but what about the classification of terrorism, do you think that’s appropriate?
[00:32] Ilias: well
[00:32] Ilias: i think eco-terrorism is a good name for it
[00:32] Ilias: maybe has a bad vibe
[00:32] Ilias: but its what they do
[00:32] Ilias: i dont glorify it
[00:32] Ilias: but i am not against it
[00:32] Ilias: i prefer someone doing something extreme
[00:32] Ilias: when they re doing something ethical
[00:32] Ilias: rather than doing something extreme because of 72 virgins in paradise
[00:33] Ilias: or cause the OTHER dudes are catholics and not part of the anglican church
[00:33] Ilias: or some *censored* border dispute
[00:33] Ilias: like IRA or the vasques
[00:33] Ilias: i hate terrorism in general cause i find it stupid
[00:33] Ilias: just something that wouldnt work
[00:33] Ilias: but eco-terrorism?
[00:33] Ilias: that can work
[00:33] Ilias: and on some parts i condone it
[00:33] Ilias: but overall
[00:34] Ilias: it only causes harm to people who actually cause harm
[00:34] Ilias: if terrorists only targetted corrupted politicians and bigtime CEOs i might have a different thought about them too
[00:34] Mike: hehe interesting stance but yea some peopl define it as against non comabtants
[00:34] Ilias: again,sorry if i seem radical
[00:35] Mike: while others say against innocents (i.e. politicians are ok to attack even if they’re non combatant)
[00:35] Mike: err…if they are attacked, it is terrorism under that definition
[00:35] Ilias: when you hurt people that ve done nothing wrong
[00:35] Ilias: besides not scootching the crap of their dog
[00:36] Ilias: when walking in the park
[00:36] Ilias: you re stupid
[00:36] Ilias: and a terrorist
[00:36] Ilias: when you re killing off a depraved fatso who has been causing pain to thousands if not millions of people
[00:36] Ilias: you re a hero
[00:36] Ilias: simple difference man
[00:36] Ilias: yet very important
[00:37] Ilias: ya still there or have i scared you away?
[00:37] Mike: No, no, not at all, this has been great 🙂