The latest bill SB 1070 has come under a lot of fire here in the US and I wanted to know if Ilias had heard anything about it or had any opinions. It turns out he had heard of it and had VERY strong opinions concerning how sensitive America has become to the issue of racism. While this isn’t a conversation of traditional terrorism, some claim that it terrorizes innocent citizens so I found it an appropriate topic. Again, profanity has been censored; Ilias has some very passionate stances on the issue.

[00:38] Ilias: About the law
[00:38] Ilias: this might sound stupid on my part
[00:38] Ilias: but America on the past years
[00:38] Ilias: has been *censored* yelling WOLF WOLF WOLF
[00:38] Ilias: when the *censored*  real racism comes along
[00:38] Ilias: you ll have tons of fun
[00:38] Ilias: Hitler was a Racist
[00:38] Ilias: KKK was racist
[00:39] Ilias: white supremacy motions are probably racist
[00:39] Ilias: but it goes both ways
[00:39] Ilias: and thats so hypocritical sometimes
[00:39] Ilias: its just stupid
[00:39] Ilias: try walking as a white man in bronx
[00:39] Ilias: we ll talk then
[00:40] Ilias: or walking down the street near a gang’s turf while being pasty white
[00:40] Ilias: i know this all sounds stupid
[00:40] Ilias: and trust me i am the last person who ‘d be racist
[00:40] Ilias: “I am not a racist, i hate everybody EQUALLY”
[00:40] Ilias: 😛
[00:40] Ilias: yeah i am spamming again
[00:41] Ilias: anyhow whereas to the logic of that law
[00:41] Mike: hehe
[00:41] Ilias: i cannot accertain
[00:41] Mike: no no
[00:41] Ilias: it seems to have its points
[00:41] Mike: I agree with you actually
[00:41] Mike: we are too politically correct
[00:41] Ilias: dunno man
[00:41] Ilias: yeah
[00:41] Ilias: exactly
[00:41] Ilias: you know
[00:41] Ilias: what was the epitome
[00:41] Ilias: when i SAID *censored* IT
[00:41] Ilias: and wrote off on racism
[00:41] Ilias: after 1950s
[00:41] Mike: and yea, the law has these interesting characteristics, CARRYING ID IS ALREADY THE LAW
[00:41] Ilias: exactly
[00:41] Ilias: but listen to this
[00:42] Ilias: Remember Pulp Fiction?
[00:42] Mike: yea (didn’t watch the whole thing)
[00:42] Ilias: and PLEASE PLEASE tell this to your teacher
[00:42] Ilias: as a favor to me
[00:42] Ilias: raise this point in class
[00:43] Ilias: basically Tarantino
[00:43] Ilias: in the film
[00:43] Ilias: made one of the characters say “Niggah”
[00:43] Ilias: during the film
[00:43] Ilias: the film btw is great
[00:43] Ilias: he said it as a reference,and y’ know if that was happening IRL that expression would be used or whatnot
[00:44] Ilias: and the african american association or whatever
[00:44] Ilias: goes down on his *censored*
[00:44] Ilias: sues or something
[00:44] Ilias: and wants him to apologise or whatnot
[00:44] Ilias: and the Samuel L Jackson comes along
[00:44] Ilias: the BLOODY black dude playing in the film
[00:44] Ilias: basically telling them to shut the fuck up
[00:45] Ilias: america through its last years, has been demeaning racism,and what i mean by that, by jumping at every little thing and calling it racism,
[00:45] Ilias: you demean
[00:45] Ilias: things that happened
[00:45] Ilias: like Dr. King
[00:45] Ilias: i mean the Black Liberation Movement
[00:46] Ilias: or The Holocaust
[00:46] Ilias: you DEMEAN SUCH THINGS
[00:46] Ilias: by yelling racism
[00:46] Ilias: please bring that up in class will ya?
[00:46] Mike: yea, it’s become a huge game here as far as watching what you say in order to not get sued
[00:46] Mike: because while cases like that don’t always necessarily win
[00:46] Mike: it costs a LOT to go to court
[00:46] Mike: so they settle
[00:46] Mike: and guess where that money comes from, our pockets through increased movie prices (or whatever analogy) so the people “offended” basically benefit from the public’s money…
[00:46] Mike: oh for sure
[00:46] Mike: it is insulting
[00:46] Mike: and many people, like Sam Jackson seem to not like that
[00:46] Ilias: cause i am pissed off at that majorly
[00:46] Mike: for sure
[00:46] Mike: I’ll have to do some clean-up before I post this but it’s good stuff man 😉
[00:47] Ilias: and remember,racism is a two way street
[00:47] Ilias: yeah sorry man 😛
[00:47] Mike: nah, it’s cool
[00:47] Ilias: i can be a bit abrasive i guess
[00:47] Mike: well I want what you think, no matter how abrasive it is
[00:47] Mike: (and since we kinda agree, it’s cool ;))
[00:47] Ilias: but i live  with a passion,talk with a passion,feel with a passion
[00:47] Ilias: i never hid from the truth
[00:47] Ilias: and y know
[00:47] Ilias: i always thought i am a very rational being
[00:48] Ilias: man i dont have a problem against any nationality or people
[00:48] Ilias: or homosexuality or whatnot
[00:48] Ilias: but Racism died with Rosa Parks
[00:48] Ilias: oh btw that equal opportunity law
[00:48] Ilias: *censored*
[00:48] Mike: yea, racism is not the same as racial profiling or racial preference
[00:48] Ilias: and hypocritical
[00:48] Mike: I mean yea, there’s still hate, still KKK demonstrations
[00:49] Ilias: man you shouldnt worry about KKK
[00:49] Ilias: they talk about it openly
[00:49] Ilias: its the secret racism
[00:49] Ilias: you should watch for
[00:49] Mike: but yea equal opportunity….that’s a slap in the face to anyone who worked their way through the stereotype
[00:49] Ilias: the one noone takes notice of
[00:49] Ilias: heey you re a latino
[00:49] Ilias: come we ll make you a CEO
[00:50] Ilias: for the group picture
[00:49] Ilias: so sod off and look nice
[00:49] Ilias: your skills?we dont care
[00:49] Ilias: cause we need to fill a quota
[00:50] Ilias: make sure to floss and smile
[00:50] Ilias: man honest to god i love america
[00:50] Ilias: out of all the countries in the world i think it got something going in terms of ethics
[00:50] Ilias: and the laws
[00:50] Ilias: the constitution is SIMPLY amazing
[00:50] Ilias: cause i ve actually read it
[00:50] Ilias: but BY FAR you re the most hypocritical
[00:50] Ilias: country on earth
[00:51] Ilias: and i ll never let myself forget that nor come to terms with it
[00:51] Mike: awesome quote hehe
[00:51] Mike: BY FAR you re the most hypocritical country on earth
[00:52] Mike: 🙂
[00:52] Ilias: you disagree man?
[00:52] Ilias: war on terror
[00:52] Ilias: lets go free these people?
[00:52] Ilias: cmon
[00:52] Ilias: i could come up with better lines
[00:52] Mike: no no
[00:52] Mike: I agree entirely
[00:53] Mike: realize, I’ve been out of the country for most of my life, I like to think I can see shortcomings as well
[00:53] Ilias: america needs a bad*censored* president to reset some laws and make it proud again
[00:53] Ilias: you guys need a Nixon
[00:53] Ilias: or a Kennedy
[00:53] Ilias: cause right now its NOT the home of the brave
[00:54] Ilias: and its NOT the home of the proud
[00:54] Ilias: sure you re kick*censored* still
[00:54] Ilias: but not that
[00:54] Ilias: america died in the 80-90s
[00:54] Mike: damn, nother nice one
[00:54] Mike: haha
[00:54] Ilias: due to white kids who listen to rap
[00:54] Ilias: due to
[00:55] Ilias: lawyers
[00:55] Ilias: who won outrageous
[00:55] Ilias: cases
[00:55] Ilias: and due to the *censored*CEO mentality
[00:55] Ilias: mind if i link you a quote?
[00:55] Ilias: and this is most fitting trust me
[00:55] Mike: go for it
[00:55] Ilias: its from the film
[00:56] Ilias: the watchmen
[00:56] Ilias:     Dan Dreiberg: But the country’s disintegrating. What’s happened to America? What’s happened to the American dream?.
The Comedian: [brandishing shotgun] It came true. You’re lookin’ at it. Now c’mon… let’s really put these jokers through some changes.
[00:58] Mike: haha
[00:59] Ilias: Seriously Republicans should put the Comedian as a poster boy
[00:59] Ilias: they ll get more votes
[00:59] Ilias: mweh republicans went down ever since Nixon stepped down from office
[00:59] Mike: maybe, if they pass a certain threshold like that
[00:59] Ilias: not a GOOD republican since
[00:59] Ilias: not that i like Nixon
[01:00] Ilias: but MAN
[01:00] Ilias: he was a dude
[01:00] Ilias: who GOT THINGS DONE
[01:00] Ilias: that i respect
[01:00] Mike: but right now, even saying the wrong word or joking about bombing iran will get you under the microscope for the next 3 years and ruin your political career
[01:00] Mike: interesting
[01:00] Ilias: you wanna know something
[01:00] Mike: he’s widely disapproved of
[01:00] Mike: because of watergate
[01:00] Ilias: well
[01:00] Ilias: yeah ofc
[01:00] Mike: here in the USA
[01:00] Ilias: but america
[01:00] Ilias: is *censored* ape*censored*
[01:00] Ilias: everyone steals
[01:00] Ilias: but we only look badly
[01:01] Ilias: at someone who gets caught
[01:01] Ilias: with his hand on the cookie jar
[01:01] Ilias: you re *censored*hypocrits you know why?
[01:01] Ilias: cause using the wrong means to achieve a good purpose
[01:01] Ilias: is GOOD
[01:01] Ilias: and approved
[01:01] Ilias: when you do?you re a poster boy with whats wrong with this country