For me, terrorism is the use of violence in order to achieve personal or governmental needs. The use of terrorism is not limited to any one group. This would include any sort of attack, whether it be during a war or an independent attack. In general, I believe these attacks are committed out of fear of another impeding culture or government. I think to exclude any particular group from this definition would be a dishonor to mankind. I think if an American were to define a terrorist, in terms of people, they would be more quick to mention a person of Middle Eastern Descent. If it were suggested that as Americans, we are committing terrorist acts against countries such as Iraq,  Iran, and Afghanistan, I believe many Americans would take offense to this identification. Since every country regards different sets of countries, people, and cultures as terrorists, it is impossible to assign this role to any one group. In reporter, Kim Campbell’s terms, “terrorism to one group is self defense to another.” Ultimately, terrorism is in the eyes of those that are having violent acts committed against them, Anybody committing “terrorist” acts would defend themselves as doing what is necessary for the greater good. There will never be a time when committing violent acts will be seen as justified by everybody on earth, Since there will never be an agreed upon definition of terrorism, I think the debate on such a subjective word should end.