My first pen pal would prefer not to use her name openly on the internet, and thus currently goes by “Bubble B” (as not to be easily searchable, either).  I’ll try not to make this too identifying either.  My second Pen Pal… I do not actually know her real name, so I just am going with what she presented to me.  Here goes.

She is a graduate student from France, with an interest in English literature.  As such, she has gone to colleges in the US for both her B.A. degree and her M.A. degree.  In this way, she is relatively Americanized, and while that isn’t a purely foreign perspective, it certainly is unique perspective.  She doesn’t have a terribly strong interest in terrorism – she does not pay amazing attention to the news, and apparently events such as 9/11 left little impact on her, while growing up.  I knew her from before this class through a mutual friend.

My other pen pal is Jaisis, a younger college student in Poland.  She speaks English, and her friends consider her to be very western (again), and she does not have a particular interest in terrorism.  Apparently this is typical of Poles – she says that the government is more concerned with Poles having access to American visas than the terrorism itself, and follows the US’s lead in the “war on terror” for that reason.  I knew her from before this class because I helped edit some of her creative writing.

I’ve been relatively bad at the whole Pen Pal thing, and I haven’t really interacted with them concerning this blog that much, unfortunately.