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Ilias on Eco-Terrorism

Ilias and I discussed Eco-terrorism and he has a very strong stance on it but not an extremist one. I have removed occurrences of profanity; Ilias and I have become somewhat comfortable and he expresses things with a certain intensity at times.

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Aaron Brown’s discussion with our class

Aaron Brown’s visit to our class on April 22nd helped us better understand the symbiotic relationship between terrorism and the press and helped us come closer to defining terrorism. A former anchor of CNN and a

Aaron Brown, former CNN anchor

current professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Aaron Brown is known for his coverage of September 11th, 2001, particularly of his coverage live from New York City the day of the attacks. The insights he provided were highly pertinent to our course, given his experience covering a very familiar account of terrorism. Read more

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Terrorism and the Press

This blog is an integral part of a special section of Honors 394 Spring 2010, Arizona State University. Rather than a routine history course this dynamic, interactive seminar explores the interplay between terrorism and television, and other media sources on-line and in print. 26 students and their global pen pals comprise the bloggers. We welcome all to share their opinions, pertinent observations, insights, comments, feedback. Please post in a responsible manner.