I had an ichat conversation with my pen pal this weekend to get some answers to questions I had for the blog postings and I found it very interesting that she had never heard of the movie the Hurt Locker.  She said that to her understanding it was not released in Kyrgyzstan.  She also said that people in her country don’t like the U.S. because of the war but also they do not like the U.S. media.  She said that it is misunderstood but that it just advocates violence and has the wrong view of people in other countries.  My pen pal is very educated, she is getting her PhD in archeology and has studied in the U.S. but she said that the vast majority of people in her country have a very deep-rooted mistrust of Americans and she does not know how it will ever be fixed because there are so many misconceptions.  She is going to try to find the article she read about why her people don’t like the U.S. and post it to our blog.