As I am unsure what, if any, blog postings have been made by me or my pen pal in regards to this class, to make doubly certain they have all gotten on the blog I will repost them now:

9/11 Reflection

So, you had mentioned before that people’s view of the U.S. changed after the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, that it was just a way into the middle east for the U.S. Has your opinion changed any more since the attacks began? Since the initial invasions, in my opinion, the U.S. has shown a long term commitment to both countries, with little or no benefit to the U.S. either economically or militarily by staying involved in either of these countries. Has this changed you and your friends opinion at all, or is it a non issue anymore?

Well, of course you guys have lost more money then actually gained, but we still think that like the reasons for entering Afghanistan were based on money and the possibility of gaining oil etc. So yes my opinion changed after the attacks thinking that america is just in it for the money, but then again as you say you rely haven’t gained much and your troops keep on getting killed. So now my opinion has changed a little back to sympathy for the american people but still the fact that you entered a war on kinda not all that true reasons makes the fact that you guys are losing a lot of money and are probably doing some good as well not rely matter. Here people think you started it now you have to deal with the losses.

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Pen Pal Three Cups of Tea Reflection

The book three cups of tea provided me with an insight regarding the building of bridges between various cultures. The problem that the main character is struggling with is to justify the use of US funds

and at the same time be able to continue his mission to provide education in the region. For the local population it is a problem to accept an invaders money to rebuild their homeland and there are

probably also elements of resistance in these local communities that wish to see the American control over the Afghan regions cease to exist. For an American it is especially hard to be put in a position

where you have to choose between helping a different country or support the American people and their plans.

Russian Terror Incident

Whats up Tanja,

Any thoughts on the most recent terrorism in Russia? We discussed it in class the other day and I was hoping to get some insight from you. Thanks again,



The recent story of attacks by terrorists in Russia on the subway truly made me think back to the attacks in Madrid and London a few years ago. That there were insurgents from the provinces that are fighting for independence was a thought that crossed my mind long before it was announced by the various news outlets. The bombing also brought back memories of the possibility of such an attack happening on Norwegian soil and this is scary to think about.

Hurt Locker

Tanja’s thoughts:

Movie Hurtlocker provided me with a picture of the war that I haven’t seen before. Although I understand that it must be action packed it seemed to provide a decent view of the American situation in Iraq and the operations going on from a day to day basis. Through the movie I got the understanding of the importance of the effort they were putting in but at the same time it seemed to fail to depict the horrors and troubles faced by soldiers every day.

Pen Pal’s Reaction to Somali Terrorists

I was looking at the blog you have up for your class and came across an article posted by one of your classmates regarding the Islamic group in Somalia from another pen pal’s view and it fascinated me. The view of the group being old fashioned and not belonging to Islam provides an image that should be portrayed more often in the media to work as a mediator through the various cultures and religions through the world.

Questions on Munich

Whats up Tanja,

I am writing an essay on Munich, and I was wondering what your opinion was on it. I don’t know if you have seen the movie, or know the event, but it is about the killing of Israel’s Olympic athletes during the Munich Olympics by a terrorist group known as Black September. After the killings, Israel’s secret agency known as Mossad then made up an assassination group to go and kill the terrorists, kind of like supporting Israels terrorists to kill other terrorists. I was wondering your opinion on this, or maybe just your opinion on the entire middle east dilemma; Palestinians versus Israelis. Do you think either side is justified in using terrorism as a weapon? Do you agree with Israels stance or are you more supportive of the Arabs? Or are you (and most of your fellow Norwegians) indifferent to the whole situation? Thanks again,


While I never saw the movie “Munich” I have done a little reading on the subject. I cannot agree with the methods that isreal used in response. We can now look back on the event and judge it with all the knowledge we now have. It would seem as though nothing was accomplished in the long term by the isrealis creating this hit squad, so it would seem to me as a mistake. We can view many of the events taking place in the “war on terror” the same way, and we will see what can be made of tem in the future. Hope I am doing alright,