Zach: What do you think America’s biggest problem is when it comes to terrorism? Our attitude? The way the media reports on it?

Margret: “I want to make a point of something I have witnessed here as a student. My school is extremely diverse and there are a lot of people with head scarves or turbans and stuff like that.

And what I have witnessed is that some of these people have been judged because they wear their head scarves, judged as if they were part of terrorism or something. I think this is extremely wrong because if you seriously look at Islam it is actually a very peaceful religion but it is the extremists that ruin it for everyone.

I just think people should be aware of not judging everyone and that most of these individuals are actually Americans and probably as shocked by terrorism as the next person.

And I really do think the media has influenced this, as we both know news coverages tend to blow things way out of proportion and I think that has contributed to the negative image on Islam. I feel that we should definitely judge the individuals that are extremists but I feel that the media has done nothing to correct the judgements that Islamic Americans encounter daily.”