Zach: What are your reactions to the recent attempted attack in Times Square in NYC with the explosive-packed car? I know it’s pretty close to where you are, so what is your personal reaction as well as the reaction of those around you?

Margret:  “I was shocked by the car bomb on Times Square especially because if it had happened two weeks earlier I would have been with my dad and my uncle at a hotel exactly where the car was.

It is terrifying to know that even though there are cameras and cops EVERYWHERE in NYC something like this still managed to happen. It really shows how vulnerable we still are and how the awareness of the general public can actually stop things like this from happening (had it not been for the street vendor noticing something wrong thousands would probably have died).

I know one of my roommates was in NYC when this happened and she was in shock when I talked to her when she came back home. I think the general reaction over this is shock and people are scared first of all because it is so close and second that this could actually still happen.”