Zach: What do you think we, as average people, can do to combat this whole idea of terrorism? Do you think we have a responsibility to help others understand why these people do what they do, or do you think there is anything we CAN do?

We studied about a man named Greg Mortenson who is building schools in the Middle East as a way to promote peace (the website is, check it out to get an idea of what he’s doing).

Margret: “I went on that website and I think that what he is doing is amazing. This is exactly what we as western civilization should be doing. We might not be able to change the terrorists that are living right now but we can change the future generations of middle eastern children.

It is often because of miseducation that individuals get into extremist practices but with schools that educate children as they are meant to be educated, we can maybe minimize the number of children captured into the Islam extremist groups.

I think this is all we can do at this point, we have tried to hunt them down, we have heightened security where it was needed and as said before we cannot change the individuals who already practice extremism.”