“I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. Because of the time difference it was after noon in Iceland and I went to my friends house after school. Her sister was sitting in their den watching what I thought was a Bruce Willis action movie. As I sat down I witnessed the second airplane fly into the towers.

I was horrified when I finally noticed that this was CNN she was watching and it was live. I immediately called my mother who was on the phone with my aunt in California who was hysterical because she couldn’t get reach of her husband and thought he was on one of the flights. Thank god she finally got reach of him and he scheduled a different flight.

The coverage of 9/11 was major in Iceland because of our connection with the US since WW2. The US had a naval base in Iceland up until 2006 so there are a lot of ties to America. Of course I felt an extremely strong connection to the US at this time but I also felt that Iceland as a whole was in shock because of this.

This horrible attack made the whole world vulnerable and not to mention our little unprotected island in the north.”