My pen pal Markela talked to me about a recent event in domestic terrorism in Greece. Specifically, Revolutionary Struggle, a leftist Greek terrorist group, has been arrested after being active since 2003. This group is responsible for attacking Greek government buildings and the American Embassy in Athens. Its members are known to be anti-American, anti-globalist and anti-imperialist.

In 2007, the Revolutionary Struggle was added to the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations. Many public bombings and attacks have been committed by them since 2003 and their motivations are clearly political.

It is particularly interesting to note that, despite their arrest and acknowledgment of their conviction, the members of this organization promise to continue terrorist attacks as long as they are living. This reminds me of many terrorist events that we have discussed in our class, where further attacks were promised, despite arrest. This makes me think that terrorist organizations almost seem to operate above the law. It seems that the only way some terrorists will cease activity is if they are no longer living. And even when leaders of a terrorist organization are captured or killed, new leadership is quickly created and the organization is hardly hindered. This, to me, suggests the relentlessness and supposed immortality of terrorist intentions and actions. Terrorism does not rely on people, only on an ideology that can be believed and defended by people. As long as the ideology lives through people, terrorism will have rich soil in which to grow.